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Freddie Braxton – Seattle, WA -  9/7/2007
We had homeroom together at Garfield. We are still buddies, 40 years later. What a man of high integrity.

Reggie McNeil – Bremerton, WA –  9/7/2007
Larry has been one of my high school heroes that has never ceased through all these years! The class of 1968 was surreal and the best Garfield has ever had in terms of camaraderie, school spirit and friendships. Larry was always bigger than life to me with a heart of pure gold. Once everyone graduated and started on their separate paths communication dwindled. Not with Larry! It took almost 18 years but somehow he and Theresa managed to find me clear across the US in Stratham, New Hampshire and they stopped by for a visit. It was as if we had never missed a beat. His energy was vibrant as ever as well as his unique sense of humor. Knowing the impact he has had on ALL the lives he has touched confirms to me that we are merely spiritual beings having a human experience. I am an active duty naval officer stationed in Manama, Bahrain but was stationed at home in Bremerton before taking on this unaccompanied assignment. I was fortunate to reconnect with Larry and several of my closest friends from Garfield like Sandra Hailey, Susan Taylor, and Freddie Braxton. They all attended my last promotion ceremony punctuating that special day. Then when they knew I was about to deploy here to the Middle East they arranged to have a send off in Chinatown. Acts like these always had a touch of Larry in the mix! News of his current status hit me extremely hard because of my need to gaze upon his face and hug him to once again sincerely thank him for being a central player in my life for it was his outgoing nature and self confidence that brought me out of my introverted shell to believe I could do anything! It was his courage that allowed me to try out and eventually be selected as Garfield’s Yell King a defining moment in my life that launched me into life accepting the prayer of Jabez, which teaches by example to accept the blessings in life and continue to ask to receive all that is deserving and right. I want him to know he has been and will always be my friend. I pray that I get an opportunity to speak to him so he can hear my voice and feel my soul. I love you Big Guy!

Sheila Guy-Snowden – Seattle, WA – 9/7/2007
Larry has always thought of family and others before himself.  Now, it is time for me to say that I think of Larry every day in my prayers for him and his family.  God is the source that keeps Larry real and he will be the source for all of us to remember him being happy.  When I think of our class reunions, I think of our main man who somehow got me to be involved from the start.  I know that the committee (do we have one for the 40th? -smile) has some large shoes to fill with Larry watching every move we make.  I am honor to be a part of Larry life and I know that Larry's chapter of his life is only beginning in another world that I am trying to reach.  Larry is holding on to God's hand on the right side and on the left side is some of the classmates of 1968 waiting for Larry to head their reunion.  What a blessing to have Larry in my life.  I will always see his big smile and remember him saying, "There will be a reunion regardless of who comes, because I know that the Class of 1968 school mates will not let me down."  Love and peace be with him.

Susan Taylor – Seattle, WA – 9/9/2007
Through all the ups and downs of my live, Larry has been the one constant.  I can’t remember not loving him.

Mariea Taylor – Seattle, WA – 9/10/2007
When I first met Larry at an auction he was very warm and inviting.  We began to talk about where we were from and our families and realized we may actually be related! From that point Larry adopted me as his cousin and welcomed me into his family. Needless to say I started working for Larry shortly after. I will always thank Larry for lifting my spirits when I was down and being a good ear for me. God is with you Larry. Love your "cousin" Mariea.

Barry Steiner – Coral Springs, FL – 9/10/2007
Getting rid of a body that no longer works is like discarding a favorite tattered tux. If you believe in reincarnation, you'll be back in a new and even better looking tux. Good luck, big guy, I will see you again. But not yet.  Not yet. (Next week)

Mark & Linda Muljat – Bellingham, WA – 9/10/2007
We love you and you are in our prayers. You have been in our lives since our days at WAZZU and we know in your heart you are a WWU Viking! We know your anniversary is very important to you and we are thankful you will be with Theresa. We will always think of you on OUR anniversary since you were at our wedding also!  Our thoughts and Prayers are with you!  Love You

Pamela Green – Seattle, Wa – 9/10/2007
Wanted to let you know what an impact you have made in my life. I've enjoyed working with you in our community especially, the GHS Foundation and the Rainier Valley Chamber!  You are the best and I am keeping you and your family in my daily prayers.  God Bless you always, Love, Pamela

Lisa Peyer – Vashon, WA – 9/10/2007
Hey, Larry - you have been heavy on my mind.  For the many, many years we've known each other, I've always enjoyed your sense of humor and strong intellect.  I think of myself as someone "who knew you when" as I attended one of your first auctions at the Center for Combined Charities, and then "hired" you to conduct DAS' auction, where you were a hit.  From there to the Art Auction and Fur Ball in my new life on Vashon, we have crossed many times along the road.  May we continue to do so.  With much love and good thoughts, Lisa

Gail Hyden – Keizer, OR – 9/10/2007
I was fortunate enough to be in Seattle this past weekend and was able to visit with Larry and his family.  Thank you so much for letting us come and share some time with you!  Love, Gail Hyden

Sandra Hailey – Seattle, WA - 9/11/2007
Happy Anniversary...your love for each other is eternal....all good things last forever...how blessed you are....Love you guys  :-)

Ron Spellecy – Seattle, WA – 9/13/2007
Larry, Bill Ellis told me about your situation and I wanted you to know if there is anything I can do please do not hesitate to call. I have passed your site along to many of the Mariners and Westin folks so they too can communicate with you. Obviously our prayers are with you!

Ray Sylvester – Houston, TX – 9/14/2007
Dear Larry, The best things in life aren't things.  I join with your many friends in wishing you peace at this most difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Theresa.  My very best regards,.

Marilyn Crabtree – Federal Way,WA – 9/16/2007
I love you Larry, and God loves you too.  You have always been an inspiration to me in some of my most darkest hours.  You are so wise  and have such strong family values that are clearly reflected in your beautiful and loving wife and sons.  May God continue to bless you and your family, and may your influences in all of our lives live on forever.  Love always, Madams

Charles Graver - -San Francisco, CA – 9/16/2007
Larry, I worked with you at the Continental Plaza Hotel in Chicago in the late 70's.  You always put a smile on my face with your bright green suits!  You were the only person I know who could eat 3 Wendy's hamburgers (I think they were triples!) at lunch.  Then you would go to your office to work, close your door and I'm pretty sure you took a map.  You are a good man who made a positive impact on me.
Alberto Andrade and I have talked about you often over the years and I'll let him know how to contact you.  My thoughts and prayers are with you, Larry.

Bodo Lemke, Playa del Ray, CA – 9/17/2007
Dear Larry: Hope you remember me and my wife Ena - Maria. When you joined us at the Century Plaza Hotel, you always amazed us with your humor, positive attitude and your eagerness to learn. In Case you remember Ernst Mueller, our Pastry chef athe time... he also joins in his greetings to you.
Our very best wishes 

Chris and Susan Marker - Bellevue, WA - 9/17/2007
Reflecting on some great 'history', Larry and Theresa...sending prayers and positive energy that we hope will bring some level of comfort to you both in these difficult days.

Bill Ellis – Seattle, WA – 9/17/2007
Hello Larry, I want to be added to the list of the good people who are sending you their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. It is inspiring to know of the friendships and influences you have made over the years with so many people that surely will not be forgotten. I hope the love of your family and friends are bringing you comfort. You will be in my prayers too.

Jim and Cindi Blomstrom – San Antonio, TX – 9/17/2007
Larry and Teresa, What a blessing it was to spend time with you guys this summer.  You both are very special to us.  I'll never forget our time working together at Westin and at La Quinta.  Those were great times and I miss them.  Larry, you are one of the best people I know at keeping up with others.  I don't know how you do it but after 34 years or so of knowing each other it felt like we had never lived in separate states.  you are a good friend and a good person and I'm greatful to know you.  Love you brother.

Lanise (Adams) Kennedy – Seattle, WA – 9/18/2007
Hey Crazy man!!! Love you and I'll bring you more BBQ :) Kiss your pretty wifee and old azz kids for me! (You know I haven't seen any of them since 1984!!!)  Take Care and you are in our prayers (Of course!)  Lanise aka Marilyn Jr. :)

Elnore (Hendrickson) Grow – Morrison, CO – 9/20/2007
I was Larry's chemistry teacher in that magical year of 1968.  That class really was special.  I went on to teach 30 more years and the Class of 1968 from Garfield is the one class that I fly back to from Colorado to attend reunions.  Larry and Joe Jones, Jon Bridge, Dennis Caplan, and many others made it special.  Larry has always kept in touch which is pretty rare these days.  I pray that he will have a peaceful transition and that his family will be able to adjust without having that "bigger than life" person in their lives.  Love and prayers, Elnore (Hendrickson) Grow, Chemistry Teacher, Garfield HS 1962-1968.

David Wit - Louisville, KY – 9/25/2007
I remember you taking us camping for a weekend.  We had a great time.  Dolly, her sister, you, me, and I can't remember who else.  Those were good days.

Cleven Ticeson – Seattle, WA – 9/26/2007
Larry You have wonderful blessings ahead of you, I remember you as a child helping both your mother and your father who had lost his sight. Your love, persistence and dedication to your family at such a young age still lives in my heart today! You and your family are in our prayers and always will be. Your sisters Alcina and Rosa B. help raise us
The Ticesons are forever indebted to the Taylor family.  God Bless  Cleven(Babe Brother)Ticeson

Carol (Sumimoto) Barnes – Portland, OR – 9/26/2007
Dear Larry and Theresa,  I am thinking of you both with fond memories.  Garfield's class of '68 had wonderful people.  However, it was at Washington Jr. High that I met Larry.  I remember him as that tall boy with a beautiful smile!  He always had a kind word and endless amount of love.  The last time I saw you both were at Garfield's Class of '68 20th Reunion.  Larry still had that wonderful smile and thoughtful words.  It warms my heart to see that so many of his friends are being with you these days.  I hold you both in my prayers.  With love and a big hug.

Twyla Hopson – Seattle, WA - 09/26/2007
Larry you know we go way back in the day stay strong,u know we hopsons have much love for you(..twyla,william,tanya)so many stories and good times to share....

Vivian Phillips – Seattle, WA - 09/26/2007
Hey Girlfriend!  That's my favorite Larry Taylor greeting.  I love me some Larry Taylor because of your spirit, your willingness to give and give and give, and your dedication to being a great friend.  Love you Larry and thanks for being in our lives.  You make it better.

Anita Locke Tucker – Seattle, WA - 09/26/2007
I love Larry as everyone does.  I always remember him helpimg with my geometry.  I never did really get it.  He was so excited about that class, I didn't get that either.  But I did pass with a "C".  Whenever I see Larry over the years he has always been so wonderfully friendly and loving.  I am praying for him and his family.

Earl Jennings – FederaL Way, WA - 09/26/2007
Larry, it has always been a pleasure to see you, seemingly always upbeat and with a funny story to tell.  I'm sorry I missed the mini reunion,since I haven't missed a single one. I know this one was special also, for you have always help make each and every class of 68 (the greatest class ever) reunion something special. I thank you for the conversations we have shared,your insight and wisdom was often quite remarkable and timely, like the time when you called off the BBQ cookoff challenge, anyway I love you and may God bless you and yours. TGBTG

Kevin Henry – Seattle, WA - 09/26/2007
I had the pleasure of working with Larry to educate men about Prostate Cancer. Larry is a true gentlemen and was inspiration to all us during that time. And I could also count on his dry sense of humor and enthusiasm to put a smile on my face. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Larry!

Nate and Leslie Miles and Family – Seattle, WA - 09/26/2007
Hey L.T., Rumor has it you feelin' a little blue.  Well, some people will do just about anything to get out of work!.  As  someone who know the power of God first hand, I know he is still in the healing and miracle "bidness". However, I also know that HIS love, like ours, is all around you always!  You have been a real friend and role model for young brothers like myself.  You bailed me out at The Convention Center so many times it's not even funny.  Remember the big convention when you got my frantic call: "Hey Larry can your guys make 200 more chicken dinners, my count was a little off"!!  Somehow you ALWAYS came through. So many times we never get and/or take the time to tell the ones we care about how much they mean to us, life moves kinda fast.  But please know that YOU Mr. Taylor, mean a whole lot, to a whole lot of people.  Hang in there and get well soon!

Lois Maag – Seattle, WA - 09/26/2007
Unconditional love.  Your kindred spirit.

Mari and Detlef Schrempf – Bellevue, WA - 09/26/2007
Thank you Larry for being the best darn auctioneer in Washington. Our Community would not be the same without your spirit, energy and generosity.
We are thinking and praying for you and your family in these trying times. Detlef and I are honored to call you a friend.

Janet Woodward – Seattle, WA - 09/26/2007
Larry, please gather your strength to enjoy each day. Working with you on Garfield Foundation events has always been memorable. I gained that bulldog spirit from you--there really is something special about the school and the alums who have stayed involved. You are in my thoughts.

Gina and Paul Preite – Seattle, WA - 09/26/2007
Larry and Theresa,  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.  Wanted to send you a thought for today:  Courage does not always roar, sometimes, courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying "I will try again tomorrow"..  Wishing you angel magic.

Dianne Ashley – Seattle, WA - 09/26/2007
Hi Larry,  It looks like you had a great mini 40th reunion.  You could have invited me from the class of 67.  I know you always say that the "Class of 68" is the best but I really think what’s best about the "Class of 68"  is YOU. 
Your friend for ever....Dianne (Class of 67)

Dell Jackson – Fairwood, WA - 09/26/2007
My brother it has been a real joy knowing you for 20+ years. We have covered each other's back in many ways. You talked me into the auction business & it's been fun. May God always be on your six. Peace my brother.

Rev. Shirley Peoples – Kent, WA - 09/26/2007
My time at Seattle Center was truly blessed when you, my friend Larry, came.  You shared your auctioneer stories with me and they inspired me to follow my dreams.  I forever hold you in my prayers and my heart.  May God bless you as you have blessed so many others.

Ron Valdez – Bothell, WA - 09/27/2007
I am sadden to hear Larry is not doing well. I remember Larry with fond memory, his big smile and fun loving nature. My best wishes to him and his family. Ron Valdez Class of 67

Brigid Graham – Seattle, WA - 09/27/2007
I met Larry about 15 years ago when I was working for Kip Toner. I would get auctions and place the auctioneers with the right organization. Larry was indeed a most favorite of the organizations who wanted to add  energy to their auctions.  Larry and I were in Arizona for an auction for Harman Killebrew, Hall of Fame baseball player.  His organization wanted to make money that year and oh, my Larry went into it with vigor and excitement, the crowd did not know what to do!  Larry made them laugh, cry and best of all raise their paddles!  But my favorite time that weekend was getting to know Larry.  He talked about his wonderful family, careers and the warmth and generosity of him was so evident.  Larry is a huge presence, but his sincerity  and giving has helped countless organizations to make a difference in the world.  God Bless You, Larry

Gerbielyn Valentin – Seattle, WA - 09/27/2007
Larry - I am thinking of you everyday.  You are a wonderful, outstanding person and have been such a great influence to me and many others.
I have our picture from one of the Combined Charities Auctions at my desk...and I sing that song we sang to you when you left the Seattle Center..."Larry Taylor, you're the man of the hour...", goes to the tune of  "Summertime".  All my love to you

Doreen Cato – Bellevue, WA - 09/27/2007
Dear Larry, I want you to know how much you have meant to me and the nonprofit community. Your enthusiasm and skill helped many of us raise the necessart funds to assist those who needed it. Your spirit and kindness was what I always saw when you reached into the crowd to get them motivated and inspired to participate. This is the memorable gift you gave to the nonprofit community. I also want you to know that you and your family are in my heart, thoughts and prayers.

Nicole Morrison – Seattle, WA - 09/27/2007
Larry - Thanks for "Rocking Our World" year after year at the Detlef Gala.  You helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for children in this community, with an energy and style no other auctioneer could duplicate.  We'll keep your love and legacy alive, Larry.  Thanks for the years of friendship.  Love, Nicole

Linda Wilson – Seattle, WA - 09/27/2007
Larry, Your warm smile is an inspiration in itself!  Warm, loving thoughts...Linda

Juanita Woelfle – Seattle, WA - 09/28/2007
Sold!  Larry, I bought more things I never used or thought I'd ever want at the hands of your gavel!  Think of all the charities who've benefited from your talent!  And remember the songs?  Please, destroy the video!  All my love, Juanita

David Roberts – Seattle, WA - 09/28/2007
Larry, I'm grateful for the years we spent together at Seattle Center.  You are in my thoughts and prays. 

Chris & Dorothy Goldsmith – Bellingham, WA - 09/28/2007
Larry, Prayers go out to your entire family as you continue the "fight." You will always be "Mr. Viking" and you'll be someone we will NEVER forget. Thanks for all you've done for the Alumni Association over the years and for Viking Athletics.  We love you!! Chris & Dorothy, Heidi, Joe & Jeff

Lonnie Hicks – Bellingham, WA - 09/28/2007
Dear Larry. We only met and talked a few times during Viking nights but I wanted to let you know that you are a great person and your energy was truely missed this year. God bless you. Lonnie Hicks-Softball Coach WWU

Jackie White – Seattle, WA - 09/28/2007
Didn't realize we graduated the same yr form hogh school 68. Miss running into you at the drug store. Take care.

Joe Freeman (Nelson) – Seattle, WA - 09/28/2007
Larry, my friend.  You have been on my heart and in my prayers.  My new husband, Arthur, and I have prayed for you so many times.  I prize the friendship we have.  You have been such a wonderful light and inspiration in my life over the last 13 years.  Arthur and I still laugh over the first auction we had with you when we got married.  You made it so very special for us.  And having lunch with you was the highlight of that day.  Get well soon so we can see you again soon.  My prayers are with you, my friend.  May God be with you.  (That smile of yours sure lights of the world and makes it so much happier to be around here.)  Thank you for every thing you have done for me.

Margaret Peterson – West Seattle, WA - 09/28/2007
One day while working a childrens event in the Center House at Seattle Center, J.P.Patches was a guest. Larry and I walked over to greet him. I asked if he remembered me?  When I was 10, I appeared on his show with my Camp Fire group.  Of coarse he pretended to remember me, and then Larry chimed in, "Do you remember me?" J.P. stammered, and Larry said "Of coarse not, for you never had black children on your show" This was a little awkward, but still OK. Seattle Center hosts 14 cultural festivals a year.  I asked Larry if I could produce a "White Honky" festival, and of coarse he said yes.  Unfortunately, there has never been a budget for such an event.  Larry, Bruce and I will miss you, and I cherish the time we had and the good work you have done in this lifetime.  I also want to thank you for your valiant effort in getting the word out about men having PSA blood tests to check for prostrate cancer.  Bruce's doctor said it wasn't necessary a few years ago, however, he claimed his wife insisted, thus they have been on his regular routine. He has been checking out just fine in that area.  I catch up to you on the other side.     Love Margaret

Marsha Brown – Seattle, WA - 09/28/2007
Larry and I had an opportunity to work together long after Garfield and what a blast we had.  Remember the Opera House Larry - folks were just jealous!  I had the joy of running into Larry in August at the bank and we ended up at Starbucks for an two-hour coffee break! He talked about his wonderful wife,the boys, and the beautiful people he has met along the way. Larry sang me a song about coming to the end of his journey.  I sat there and listened to his wonderful voice, tears streaming down my face.  I will never forget that special time with Larry.  I love you Larry!
Jim Sepulveda – Seattle, WA - 09/29/2007
Everyone around you was always happy you were there, for you radiated the feeling that life was actually a lot of fun.  Say "Hi" to the universe for us because we're all right behind you.
Charles Bailey – Seattle, WA - 09/29/2007
Larry is a wonderful family man, role model and Christian of worshipful adoration.  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to watch a man of God-given talent keep the world spellbound just by his presence.  We all should be like him.
Francina Noordhoek – Seattle, WA - 09/30/2007
Larry, you are in my thoughts and prayers for peace and strength.  I was so sad to hear you were ill.  This week I will be receiving my 10 year service pin at the Seattle Center, but long before than, when I worked for Northwest Harvest, you were the first person I got to know at the Seattle Center as we worked on the Combined Charitable Campaign.  You were so warm and welcoming and I always enjoyed running into you here and there over the years.  You probably don't remember me, but that's why I thought it was even more important to let you know how many people you've touched and still think so fondly of you! 
Warm regards, Francina

Chuck Smith – Mercer Island, WA - 10/01/2007
Greetings Brother Taylor.  Congratulations on your 40th reunion.  Rivian and I are in San Diego for the purpose of attending her 50th reunion.  My how time flies.  We think of you and have you on our prayer list.  God bless you.

Beverly Ervin – Seattle, WA - 10/02/2007
Larry,Teresa and family. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I am a better person for knowing you. Your love for each other and your cildren is inspiring. I am praying for you daily

Lorna Follis – Long Beach, WA - 10/03/2007
Hi Larry - The FunSeekers just stayed at Andersen's RV Park the end of this month.  They missed having you and Theresa with them, and I missed not getting to visit with you.   I'm never going to forget how you helped me with the Garfield Foundation group.  You're a genius at putting things together....and you made a potentially sticky situation fun.   I send you my warmest wishes and prayers.

Wayne Lau – Seattle, WA - 10/03/2007
We go back to grade school days at Bailey Gatzert.  Being a recent immigrant, not speaking English that well, I was very shy and had a hard time making friends.  But for sure, one of my first friends was Larry.  His kindness and overall humor made my early years in school so much better.  I was sad when I moved away down to the south end (Rainier Beach) and lost touch with Larry.  It wasn't until about 5 years ago or so that I saw Larry again when he was an auctioneer at a charity function, can't even remember the event.  All I know is that this guy did not change from the class gentleman he was in grade school, and his good humor remained intact all these years.  My thoughts and prayers are for you, my old friend.  God bless and sustain you all as you face this difficult period, and know that your friends are in there pulling for you.

Yvonne Pascal – Seattle, WA - 10/04/2007
Thanks for being such a special person and great friend since the 3rd grade.
Love you very much

Dawn Mason – Seattle, WA - 10/04/2007
Cherry Jubilee on the Filet of Soul is a favorite memory of Larry.  My daughter Anisa a budding Garfield Bulldog was on board and her friend Kamilah.  She knew she was going to the right high school when Kamilah mentioned her father was Ed White.  Larry in his big booming voice yells "Ed White? Class of '68?, get him on the phone"  It is a memory that 12 years later, still holds a fond memory for my daughter and her introduction to Larry Taylor.  She went on to be the class of 2000 who thought they could climb above the distinction created by Larry for the class of 1968 didn't happen.  Last year Larry did two event of special importance - the Detleff Schremp Auction which benefits First Place School and he did African American Kenyan Women fund raiser and had the audience bent in laughter as he took Marcia Tate Arunga's very emotional telling of her story of "TheS tolen Ones" (African Slaves) he lightend the air by immediately proclaiming "Okay Stolen Ones and The Friends of the Stolen Ones"  we need to send them back to Africa with some money and proceeded to raise for us a substantial amount of donations.  He will be well he has done his work and if he never raises another dime through his gift as an auctioneer, his accomplishments are noted within the lives of many.  I do believe in miracles, God's promises and His infinite wisdom.  We love you Larry

Sara J. Ervin-Dean – Seattle, WA - 10/04/2007
What can we say in such a small space…in such a short time? Well the good thing is that we’ve already said so much. By your example we learned to appreciate each other; take pride in ourselves and honor our families, friends and classmates. We truly did create the best class ever, and you were the wind beneath our wings. What I will cherish most is your ability to make every woman feel beautiful and every man feel special. You always took the time to uplift us. When we were exchange students (the Fabulous Five) at Shoreline High School, it seemed a world away. I was apprehensive, but you were fearless. What a great experience, made even greater because you were there. So when you sang that Shoreline song to me a few weeks ago it made me proud of what we accomplished way back then. Of course nothing could beat coming back to Garfield.  As I work on your program, with each addition I am drawn closer to you. I thank God for the chance to do this one last thing for you and to be of support to your beautiful wife and your wonderful sons, in some small way. You will always be larger than life to me. I cherish every smile, every compliment and every word of encouragement. You have enriched and empowered so many lives. If God calls you home “Big Guy,” it is because he needs someone with your positive, unstoppable, engaging, inspiring and indomitable spirit up there with Him. So you keep representing for the “Class of ’68…The Greatest Class Ever” and we will represent for you until we meet again. I will always love you.

John Dyer – Houston, TX - 10/06/2007
Larry and I met during his early years while working in the hotel industry. He frequently flew on the airline I worked for. I guess I was the 1st Black pilot he had ever seen. He was a fine man and I am honored to have been his friend. I pray GOD will continue to Bless his family and comfort us all during this time of sadness.

Vazquez Moon – Seattle, WA- 10/06/2007
We missed you at the Social Justice Fund Annual Dinner.  Thanks for all the years... We'll hold you gently in our hearts!

Lacy Steele – Bellevue, WA - 10/07/2007
Theresa,In your time of sorry, you and your family must remember to pray. GOD, will so how lighten the load. For HE an HE alone knows just how much we can bear.  I met you and Larry when he became manager at the Sherton Hotel. Larry and I have worked together on projects in the community. The latest project was the Prostate Cancer, Let's Talk about it Program. Larry and I were both Prostate Cancer survivors. We will miss him but we intend to carry on and possibly save the lives of others. We believe because of Larry's work, many especailly African American men is our community were touch by Larry's work and some lives have been save.
To you and the family,  Love, Peace and Understanding. Lacy Steele, President Emeritus, Seattle-King County Branch NAACP

Marilyn George – Lee’s Summit, MO - 10/07/2007
I worked with Larry at Westin Hotels.  My friend Wanda Wiggins just informed me of Larry's death and I'm so sorry to know that the world has lost such a glorious man who had the biggest zest for life I've ever seen in anyone. He'll be missed by everyone who knows him and those who don't will have missed a "superman".

Jay Buhner – Issaquah, WA - 10/08/2007
Larry you will be deeply missed. Seatle and all of us lost a great man!! I enjoyed our times together at various auctions and watch you work the room. My thoughts and prayers are with yall. Much love buhner family

Reco Bembry – Seattle, WA - 10/08/2007
Your light, your voice your presence was all we needed to know our city was better as a result of your being.   An honor to know such a great man, loving father, committed husband and friend,  Your spirit will shine forever in the halls of Garfield High School, your cheerful booming and powerful voice will reign forever in the hills a-top the highest peeks of the pacific northwest, our eyes will continue to well up with the integrity of your service and the legacy of respect given and received to and by you.  You will tower as an example of strength, courage and joy for many generations to come....  Thank you God for the gift of your child and now we return him to you a whole being with the prayers of every soul he touched....by his goodness and grace.  "The power of Amen bound in our hearts forever"   Reco Bembry & Family   

Dori Brashear – Seattle, WA - 10/08/2007
Larry made me smile. He enjoyed life and his toys; "Filet of Soul" "April Dawn" and the big RV.  He shared generously with his friends and most memorable to me, are the wonderful times on the Boat and my hat off to his beautfil wife Theresa who graciously shared him with all of us friends.  I am grateful to God for allowing him to cross my path and touch my life in such a special way.  With Love,  Dori Brashear

Beth Ensley – Mt. Vernon, WA - 10/08/2007
Larry, remember when you were   part of the inner city group of kids from Seattle who came to WWU in summer of 1967 for Project Upward Bound.  I was your tutor......like you needed a tutor!  You knew who he were and where he was going way back then.....and were such a nice guy  I met up with you, Larry,  again on the WWU Alumni Association Executive Board many years later, and we attended alum events during our time there.  We were friends for sure! Good memories!  Larry, thank you for starting out with God, and ending up with God! If you thought you had the abundant life on earth, I'll bet the Lord just gave you the real meaning of abundance up there!  See you again one day! Your sister in Christ  Beth Ensley

Bruce Abe – Seattle, WA - 10/08/2007
Larry was always the "big" man on campus, as in life. He would always recognize you publicly in his unforgettably loud and strong voice, and make you feel so important and good. He will be missed alot. Larry, we love you.- Your buddy Bruce.

Cynthia Franklin – Seattle, WA - 10/08/2007
To hear that Larry has left this place on earth it to know that heaven has a Big Brother there to help others.  That is how I will remember Larry - besides being his classmate of '68 he will forever be remembered as always taking time to help where and when needed.  Larry know that God has a plan for you that man can not duplicate.  You will be greatly be missed by all that know and love you.

Joseph H. Jones, Jr - Bethesda, MD - 10/9/2007
Please send my condolences to all who shall see these greetings, all of Larry's family and friends.

Deborah Barge – Seattle, WA - 10/09/2007

I had the privilege of meeting Larry seven years ago through the auction business and have enjoyed working with him at many charity events.  His sincerity, enthusiasm and spirit helped hundreds of organizations raises millions of dollars to achieve their mission goals.  This community will be forever changed thanks to Larry and his willingness to share himself with all of us.  I will miss him and so will all of us in the non-profit world. Thank you Larry.

Jennessa Richert-West – Seattle, WA - 10/09/2007
I am so deeply saddened to hear that our friend Larry Taylor passed away over the weekend. If there was one thing people talk about after an ArtsWest auction - it was always Larry!  He brought an unbelievable amount of energy to each auction and turned his craft into an energetic performance. On a personal note, I’m so thankful for all of his guidance and his “everything is going to be just fine” manner. He set my mind at ease, and helped me succeed in raising money during my first grand scale auction. He will be greatly missed. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and community. Thank you for all the memories!

Sally Williams – Seattle, WA - 10/09/2007
Larry and I, through a mutual friend Victor Shook, went back to the mid-70's.  That's the first time I met Larry.  What a personality and what a fun, life-loving person he was then and continued to be.  We all went our separate ways into Hotels until Larry showed up on my doorstep at The Sheraton Seattle.  A definite blast from the past.  We enjoyed working together and sharing old times, catching up on mutual friends and managing the Hotel successfully.  As an auctioneer, Larry was a frequent guest and entertainer for so many events, we'd lost count.  Always smiling, easy and glad to see us.  We will miss him so much.  A good man and a wonderful human being.

Barbara Christensen – Bellingham, WA - 10/09/2007
Larry was an amazing asset to his community, and I am sure his loss will be felt in so many places. His work at our annual auctions made a huge difference for wildlife and wild places in the Northwest. He was a gem!  Barbara, Conservation Northwest  

Jim & Eltrina Rose – Federal Way, WA - 10/09/2007
Dear Larry:  Eltrina and I had the opportunity to know you for such a short time. In that period of time, we learned that you were always a very dedicated and respected individual that was loved by all you came into contact by.  We wish we could have spent more time with you.  God bless you and your love ones.

Richard Huffman – Arlington, WA - 10/09/2007
Larry was a very special man. He was the auctioneer of the Purrfect Pals Black Cat Ball for most of the time that we've been putting it on (this is our 10th year). He was absolutely beloved by us and our guests and he helped us raise more than a million dollars for homeless cats. He was truly generous with his time and energy and we appreciated his humor. He would always use the same funny and corny joke at our Black Cat Ball: "I think I'm the coolest Black Cat in Seattle..." And he was. We will really truly miss him.

Gwen & Trevor Kendall – Las Vegas, NV - 10/09/2007
After not visiting with Larry for so many years...Gwen and I had a very pleasant and warm visit with Larry at the Westin reunion...It was such a pleasure to see him and spend time with him again.  I remember our days at the Westin Chicago fondly and Gwen enjoyed working with him at the Seattle Sheraton. We feel very blessed that he was able to enter both our lives at different times and was such a positive influence.

Sandy Adams – Seattle, WA - 10/09/2007
My husband, Jim Guenther, and I met Larry when he was the auctioneer for a Rotary function several years ago.  We knew from the minute we saw him that he would be perfect for our ArtsWest annual gala and auction.  We were successful in obtaining his services for 3 or 4 years.  He was always helpful, positive, passionate and kind.  We will miss him greatly and send our very sincere condolences to his family.

Gene & Vannetta Cash – Sammamish, WA - 10/10/2007
Larry, was  a great friend and role model for all. My wife and I will miss our many good times together [holidays and birthdays]He will always be in our hearts

Ralph Goodman – Bellevue, WA - 10/10/2007
To the Larry Taylor family I send my deepest condolences for the loss of Larry at a far too early time in his dynamic life.  Being a fellow Westin Alum, I as many, have known Larry for years.  Every time one would come in contact with Larry, his communication was always warm and sincere.  Larry was a big man with an even bigger heart.  We had recently been talking over the past few months as he reached out to me on some personal health issues I myself was going through.  This I will remember always from this giant of a man.  I leave you with a well known prayer that is quite universal across all religions:
God grant us the serenity to accept the things which we can not change; courage to change the things we can; and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other!    I believed Larry lived his life daily with this wisdom.  

Mary Flowers – Seattle, WA - 10/10/2007
The main story about Larry is the way he showed Christ in his living.  He was the same way at work as he was in the community.  It did'nt make any difference what was going on, I only knew him to show love and an appreciation for life.  I am grateful to have been an employee under his leadership and I am grateful for the kindness and the time that he always took.  No matter what was going on he brought joy to the situation.  He did'nt have to talk about being a Christian because he really is one.  The absence of his physical presence leaves a hole, but there's so much in his living to inspire anyone who knew him to love better and to be better.  Thank you Larry for LIVING your life!

Keith Grate – Seattle, WA - 10/10/2007
Larry was the example of a class act. I first met LT during his westin days. He always made time for every student that i sent to the hotel. LT was the type of man that didn't carry himself as if he was "better than others". That type of real community leadership is what i will miss the most about Larry.  Thanks for everything

Kathi Knowles – Seattle, WA - 10/10/2007
Please accept my family's deepest sympathy and condolences in regard to Larry's passing. One of Larry's first jobs in the hotel business was at my family's hotel, The Leopold in Bellingham. My father George was the owner/manager at the time and was delighted to help Larry with his hotel career. Larry will be greatly missed for all of his community contributions, especially for his educational efforts regarding prostate cancer.

Diana Bridges – Olympia WA - 10/10/2007
Taylor family, I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I worked with Larry for many years in Human Services and feel so blessed to have known this wonderful man! Larry will be missed my so many. Thank you for sharing these pictures with us all. My heart aches for you all.
Larry... you will forever be in my heart.

Ed Woodley – Seattle, WA - 10/10/2007
My dear friend I thank God for giving you to us for this period of time. I will miss you because you are the ambassador to the World. God bless your Wife and Family. We hope to see you later .  Love Forest

Bill Fisher – Sammamish, WA - 10/10/2007
I first met LT in 1987 and enjoyed every moment I spent with him either in person or on the phone. While I never met his family, I certainly heard all about them. Larry was a pure joy to know and I feel blessed to have been given a few moments of his time. His talent and personality are beyond words. One of a kind and none better, for sure. My best to his family.

Ted and Dori Slosberg – Bothell, WA - 10/10/2007
Our deepest condolences to your family over the loss of Larry.  We first met Larry when 8 years ago when was the auctioneer at Cedarwood Elem school in Bothell.  We were on the committee and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with him, he was absolutely the best auctioneer.  We again met up with Larry 5 years later when he was auctioneer at Univ Prep's auction. It was such pleasure to see him again and he instantly remembered me and my husband. 
He was a great man, with a wonderful smile and when you shook his hand, you could feel the kindness in his heart. He will be truly missed, but we know he is looking down and smiling that sweet smile that he has.

Davis Spates – Seattle, WA - 10/10/2007
You are and always will be the MAN!!!  You have always handled you self in a respectful way!!! and that is what  we love about you!!! Say hi to David Jr. you guys have fun!!!!! love David Sr.

Hazel Bhang Barnett – Seattle, WA - 10/10/2007
Larry was a life force - a true inspiration.  I worked with him very closely at Seattle Human Services Department in the '90s on tough challenges that tested his and my mettle.  He always had his heart and moral compass in the right place - and his sense of humor and larger-than-life presence.  He will be sorely missed.  My deepest sympathy to his family. 

Lawrence Hurrell – Seattle, WA - 10/10/2007
To the Larry Taylor family:  Please accept my condolences on your loss.  I had the privilege of working with Larry at the City of Seattle, Human Services Department, and he was always there for me, providing encouragement, support, and a positive influence.  He was an asset to the community, and he will be greatly missed.  Take care.

Elaine Ike – Seattle, WA - 10/10/2007
Dear Family of Larry Taylor, I met Larry 40 years ago when he was a friend of my younger sister, Patrice McHatton, who also died too young. He was such a wonderful young man back then (18 years old), so full of promise. Reading about his accomplishments, it's apparent that he redeemed his early promise. Moreover, I was delighted to learn that he was successful in his family life, which I'm sure meant the most to him through the years. My thoughts are with you all!

Tom & Colleen Akada – Newcastle, WA - 10/10/2007
I first met Larry way back in grade school and while some people might fade in one's memory over the passage of time Larry is one of those people you can never forget, he wouldn't let you. He always went out of his way to maintain friendships and always went that extra step as a friend.  We will always have fond memories of him. Both my wife and I want to extend our sincere condolences to family.

Beth & Max Israel – Seattle, WA - 10/10/2007
We were so sad to hear of Larry's passing.  Larry's fantastic personality lent energy and spirit to the Seattle Country Day auction for several years.  Our school was so grateful for our affiliation with Larry.  He'll be sorely missed.

Sharon Chew – Seattle, WA - 10/10/2007
I will remember Larry for the difference he made in the lives of young people in Seattle and in mine. If you're listening...thank you, Larry. It was my pleasure to have worked with you. You are loved and greatly missed.  -Sharon Chew, Seattle Human Services (SafeFutures Program)

Trevor Shaw and all at Zulu Nyala – Johannesburg, South Africa - 10/11/2007
"Big Guy" It was a joy ,privelige and pleasure to have had the opportunity to know someone like you. You were an inspiration to all of us with your positive and caring attitude to life. You were a great team player and will be sadly missed. Because of you and your efforts with Mardi a great many people from the USA got to experience the wonders of Africa. Farewell my friend until we meet again.

Ronald Ward – Federal Way, WA - 10/11/2007
Sorry I got the news so late of Larrys passing. I knew Larry well.  God bless the family. Ron ward class of 68

Ora Scott – Seattle, WA - 10/11/2007
My heartfelt sympathy to the Taylor family.  Farewell Larry.  May the Lord hold and comfort you on your journey.

Larry Gupta – Seattle, WA - 10/11/2007
I got to know Larry a few years ago, when Chaya, a nonprofit working on domestic violence issues in the South Asian community, asked him to be our auctioneer. He didnt just become our auctioneer, he became part of our community. I was privileged to have worked with him in 2006 and again,in 2007 and was lucky to have witnessed him in action. His warmth, his generosity, his passion for life and his exuberance made him stand out in a crowd. And his passion and commitment to the work of ending domestic violence endeared him to us.   Larry, we will miss you.

Craig Cole – Bellingham, WA - 10/11/2007
I met Larry when both of us served on the WWU Board of Trustees and we became fast friends.  Of course, it was hard not to befriend Larry, because he was such an all-around great guy. Larry was smart, devoted to serving others, and a good friend to many.  He was also funny and had a huge heart.  His presence on this earth will be missed, but his legacy of selflessness and goodwill remains as an inspiration to others. He was, in sum,a great citizen and human being.  Theresa and family - please know that many share your sorrow and your wonderful memories.

Fergus Prestbye – Kent, Wa - 10/11/2007
From the few brief encounters I had with Larry, auction related, I was impressed with his professionalism and dynamic personality.  I wish I could have known him better. I will always remember the help and support he offered.

Lyn Keenan – Seattle, WA - 10/11/2007
To Larry's family - Both as an individual, and as a representative of the Garfield High Scool Foundation, I want to let you know how much all of us appreciated Larry's work to help young people, the sharing of his expertise and his energy, and always, his great smile.  We will miss him greatly.  Thank you for sharing your time with him.

Jean Anderson – Seattle, WA - 10/11/2007
I met Larry when I worked at Center for Career Alternatives and he was Chair of the Board of Directors.  I remember him roaring up to CCA on his motorcyle and giving out those 'big' hugs when he came in and when he left!  I remember going to a doctor's appointment and seeing his big smiling face on the side of a bus!  As a cancer survivor, remember all the words of encouragement he gave me during my treatments.  My life was so much richer for knowing him and the world is a better place because of his presence.  This is a time of sorrow but also a time of celebrating the life of a larger than life man.  I hope you have that motorcycle in Heaven!

Bobbie Phillips-Luckett – Renton, WA - 10/11/2007
Larry will always be a dear friend to me.  We attended Garfield High together -- graduating class of 1968. Go, Bulldogs!
I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see Larry at the June 2006 Garfield "Bash Before the Smash."  We had the chance to chat, have pictures taken (which I will always treasure) and we reminisced about our days at James A.Garfield.  I will ALWAYS be thankful for his friendship.
May God bless you.

Joann & Robert Foster and Family – Charlotte, NC - 10/11/2007
Robert,Joann and family wishes to extend our condolences to the Taylor family on the loss of your family member Larry Taylor.  May God comfort you during this time, and we pray that Almighty God will see you through.  We pray that God will walk with you, see you through, and guide your shining light. 
Aunt Shirley, we are praying for you here in Charlotte,NC,and we pray that your faith is strong during this time.  God Bless you, Taylor Family. 

Dick & Sharon Friel – Seattle, WA - 10/11/2007
As a fellow charity auctioneer, I have always admired Larry Taylor's style, energy and charitable spirit.  Sharon and I are saddened by his loss to the community he loved so much.  We will include Larry and his family in our prayers and know that the friendships he has made will last forever.

Mari Coffee – Olympia, WA - 10/11/2007
I had the pleasure of working with Larry when I was the Commission Assistant for the Lottery.  What I remember most about Larry is his singing and humming while I was setting up for a commission meeting.  I have sung with the Sweet Adelines for many years and he would always ask me about my performances.  What a pleasure it was to know him.

Kathleen Howard – Maple Falls, WA - 10/11/2007
Larry is and was a giant of a man.  His love of God and his willingness to help others endeared him to so many.  When he hugged you, you knew you had been hugged.  His genuine care for others was expressed in so many ways.  While I was going through some cancer he called me regularly to check in on me and boost my spirits.  He learned (the hard way) when he sent flowers that I really do live in a "faraway" place, and I bet he paid dearly for it.  A story - he once drove his motor home to the university to stay the night before a commencement ceremony.  We didn't anticipate any problems and he parked in the Alumni House driveway.  He was awakened by the university police.  Not exactly my idea of a "wake up call" but it worked!  Larry may have left this world, but was immediately ushered into the arms of his loving Savior.  I look forward to the time when we will be together and I'll get another of his super hugs.  My love and prayers to Teresa and the boys. 

Mary Kay Becker – Bellingham, WA - 10/12/2007
I am so sorry to hear that this light has gone out. I served with Larry on the Board of Trustees at Western.  He was an inspiring person and so warm hearted. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Theresa and Ethan and Jesse. 

Sylvia Watson – Maple Valley, WA - 10/12/2007
I used to work with Larry and will always remember that every morning at work he would walk down the hall with a smile and say good morning to everyone and ask how you're doing. I've never met anyone before or since who does this on a daily basis like Larry did. I'm sorry to hear that he passed away. My condolences to his family.

Angelyn  C. Frazer – Silver Spring, MD - 10/12/2007
Dear Theresa, Ethan and Jesse,  Words cannot begin to express how sorry I am to hear about Larry’s passing.  Although I only met Ethan and Jesse years ago on “Filet o’ Soul”, Larry often spoke of all of you with love and commitment.  I met Larry through Dawn Mason who I worked for while she was in the state legislature.   Although a big guy, he was never overbearing or intimidating, but warm and caring.  I remember he loved being on his boat or riding his motorcycle.  He took my best friend on the bike, but I was too scared opting to relax on the boat.  I remember having a really tough week at school once and Larry invited me on the boat where we watched movies and just talked about life.  I also remember him taking a few of us out to see Bill Gates’ house and speculating about all the toys and gadgets ensconced in the fortress.  I have live in the DC area since 2001, but during each of my visits to Seattle we would have breakfast or talk briefly.  Last year I was in Seattle and invited Larry to my 40th birthday party that he was not able to attend.  I remember sitting in Ghirardelli’s chocolate with my boyfriend and I saw a bus pass by with Larry’s photo.  I was so excited because I thought he really beat this dreadful disease with his spirit and tenacity.   Yesterday, I found out how sick he had become and then of his subsequent passing.  I wish I could be there to express my profound sadness, but just know that I join the many other people who can proudly say, I am glad I had the opportunity to know the wonderful sincere man that Larry was.  Please take care of yourselves and know that he lives on in ways you cannot imagine!  Peace and many blessings,
Kathy Green (Kicks) – Federal Way, WA - 10/12/2007
To Larry's family; Larry will be greatly missed by all who knew him.  I met Larry at Western and appreciated his leadership and strength, but also his sense of humor and his great laugh that that spread a sense of fun.  I will remember fondly our class reunion at Western and the trip to Vancouver, Love  Kathy

Pamela, Dorwin & Haley Colbry – Burien, WA - 10/12/2007
To learn of Larry's passing gives me and my family a feeling that we have lost a family member with a gift of love and compassion. Larry was our auctioneer at Childrens CTC and his love of people in our minds never wavered. And although he came to raise money for the kids at CTC, (our daughter having CP) it soon became a love for Larry! He was always real and when we knew that he was ill and still he came and did our children’s auctions it was his spirit we knew that kept him going!  Larry will now and forever more be in our hearts and teach all that knew him he was truly a very spiritual and deeply loving of everyone he met. We will miss him dearly and If your family would allow me to sew a quilt in his honor to auction to one of his favorite charities I would feel honored.  Bless you for allowing us who knew him little and loved him a lot to share in his SPIRIT! Always with prayers, the Colbry Family. We will be there to honor his life on the 13th. Bless you all!  The colbry family, Haley, Dorwin and Pamela.  If only we could all make a difference as he did.

Corie Jackson – LaVerkin, UT - 10/12/2007
(This letter to her “Uncle” Larry was written by 13-year-old Corrie, while she is away at boarding school in Utah.  It was not received in time to give to Larry, but I think it should be included here.  Susan E. Taylor, Corie’s Mom)
Dear Uncle Larry,
I hope you know that I love you a lot.  I won’t ever see you again until I meet you up in heaven.  I hope I will be able to recognize you when my time comes, just know that I love you a lot and you rock my socks ☺.  No one could ever replace you!  You are the one and only Uncle Larry and you have a special place in my heart, and it’s always going to be there!  And remember that this isn’t our last goodbue, it’s just a “See ya Later!”  Oh, and while you’re up there, let my dad know I love him!  Thanx!  Do you remember the time when we went to the “Perrfect Pals” auction, and I wouldn’t stop holding the dog, Tinker Bell!  LOL!!  And when I bought the toaster oven on “Accident”?  I still have Bootsie – my (stone) kitty I got at that auction.  And my mom still has the pin I got her at a different auction!  It was the Christmas Tree Auction!  That was one of my favorite ones!  We ate chili dogs that day.  And I really do want you to stay on earth, but we all have to understand that your time is coming, and you may not stay on earth, but you will stay in my heart forever.  Love, Corie Jackson

Deloria Jones – Marina del Rey, CA - 10/12/2007
To Theresa and the family--I was so saddened to learn of Larry's passing.  He was truly one of the good Guys. Larry's kindness and wonderful spirit are treasured memories.  You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Tess Thomas – Seattle, WA - 10/13/2007
To the Taylor Family,  I offer my sincere condolences. I was inspired by Larry from the moment I met him at CCA sooo.. many years ago. He had that bright, shining light in his life that let others know, "where there is a will there is a way." He understood the stuggles of humanity and did something about it. Continue his bright shining light. As Always, Tess Thomas

Larry & Jennie Fauquet – Shoreline, WA - 10/14/2007
I worked with Larry in the earley 70's for the Dept. of Traneportation at South Bellev ue. He was enrolled at WWU. We attended his wedding. As often happens, we lost track. One day out of the blue, he called because he saw my name somewhere. He mentioned getting together sometime. Too bad we never did. I am so sorry now. Please accept my sympathy for the family.

Gwen Funai-Jeffeson – Seattle, WA - 10/14/2007
I remember Larry from Bailey Gatzert days.  He used to come by and walk to school with my brother, Keith.  They used to play chess together. We used to
snack on "ingamoi" and ginger. I remember his beautiful smile, and that warm and loving spirit. We used to play pole together with the neighborhood kids.  I am glad to have known Larry for so many years.  Theresa, Ethan and Jesse and the rest of the Taylor family, you  have a lot to be proud of and treasure the beautiful memories Larry for us.  He was truly an amazing and an inspiration to
us all.  He will always be close in my heart.

Cathy Sarkowsky – Seattle, WA - 10/14/2007
I didn't know Larry very well - mostly through his annual auctioneering stint at Vashon Allied Arts Auction.  I was very impressed by his open heart and generosity, by his vivacious spirit and by his obviously huge intelligence.  He will be missed by that community, among many, many others.

Gayle O’Donnell – Tukwila, WA - 10/14/2007
I am heartsick to read the news this evening of Larry's passing, and so sorry I didn't know sooner to have been able to attend services.  I had the honor of serving on the Lenny Wilkens charity board for several years with Larry and always admired his spirit, humor and positive attitude.  I will always remember the night he surprised me with flowers and a seranade on my wedding anniversary in front of the crowd at the auction gala one night.  I had so hoped he had kicked the cancer, and he seemed so good when I saw him last year.  My heart goes out to all of you in his family who were so special and dear to him.  You have suffered a tremendous loss and please know that many others share the loss with you. Love and prayers,  Gayle O'Donnell

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